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Date 10 15 18

AMS is now collecting Consumer Accounts for the state of Florida. We have a network of Collection Attorneys that we use for Consumer Accounts. We have found this the most effective way to collect Consumer Accounts and make sure all rules are followed by the FDCP Act. To protect AMS as well as our Clients from FDCPA law suits.

Date 4 20 18

The Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) is a respected organization of attorneys and credit professionals actively engaged in the fields of commercial law, bankruptcy and insolvency. Since 1895, CLLA has been dedicated to providing expertise, in-sight, and results to the legal and credit communities. CLLA’s Commercial Collection Agency Certification is the accepted standard throughout the industry. The accreditation program has been in place since 1975 and is the mark of a trusted agency.

Date 4 12 18

AMS Collection agency now has access to collection attorneys in 20 foreign countries. and has over 350 attorneys to help us with the tough collection accounts nationwide.

Date 3 31 18

AMS debt collection agency has moved our office from Hudson Fl. to Tampa Fl. We feel this will give us better opportunities to hire the right people in order to keep providing our clients with quality service.

Date 2 4 18

Business are dropping like 2007, it is important to place you accounts quickly. Try to get a personal guarantee on all new accounts, this can help you if the debtor goes out of business,also get credit references and how long they have been in business and how long have they banked at the same bank.

Date 2 3 18

AMS is a proud member of The columbia List, The General Bar and the ALQ

Date 2 3 18

AMS only gets a fees if we collect money for you, we have no upfront fees or sign up charges.

DATE 2 1 18

AMS can use collection attorneys in all 50 states if the debtor refuses to pay.

DATE 8 6 17

WE ARE HAPPY WITH ams THEY GIVE great up dates on our accounts we always know what is going on with our debtors

Thank you AMS you have collected 5 of 7 accounts for we love you collecton agency service

From a client:

Date: Thu, Nov 05, 2015 11:58 am

From a client: Thanks Andy I appreciate all you have done for me on this account. I will definitely utilize you again if the unfortunate need arises. Thank you for collecting our 40k Account. Ken



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